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“I came in with lower back pain and pain in my mid/upper back when I would breathe. I had a lot of bad headaches as well……My quality of life is so much better. Dr. Christensen helped me understand everything and really took the time and listened….I cant wait to go to the lake without pain!” — S. Stone

“After years of headaches and neck pain, I can finally say I’m free of the nuisances! I am so thankful for Dr. Christensen’s expertise and dedication to helping me become pain free…Now that the pain is gone, my mental outlook has improved.” — J. Thompson

“As a college athlete I am very active and put a lot of stress on my back…I was not able to lift weights, and running at a normal speed was not always easy…Dr. Christensen put me on a treatment plan and within two weeks I was back to 100% for the first time in months…To put it simply Dr. Christensen has made my back pain disappear!” — T. Kennedy

“I was in a car accident in July of 2009. My neck and lower back pain that resulted from the accident were definitely not what I’d call fun!…Dr Christensen did an excellent job of teaching me what to do outside the office to speed the healing process…I’m thankful to have a chiropractor who cares about my health and overall wellness.” — S. McCay

“…I was in real bad shape with back problems and nerve issues. My pain was up to 110 on a scale from 1-100…I had problems bending and sometimes walking…But the adjustments from the treatment plan have improved my well-being; on a scale of 100%, I’m up to 80% from 0%…With the treatment and care of Dr. Christensen, I feel like myself again…” — R. Pacheco

“When I came to Dr. Christensen, I was having spasms occur in my neck at times and pain daily in the mornings in my hip…After receiving the treatment plan from Dr. Christensen, my neck has not spasmed and always feels pain free. My hip only occasionally has pain – very different from the daily morning pain I was under and I never have the debilitating pain going down my leg.” — L. Lamb-Vines

“Being a college athlete was something I always dreamed about….when we started working out, I began to experience low back pain….I was in desperate need for help and thankfully I found Doc Christensen. He put me on a care plan and immediately I began to experience positive results….I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Doc!” — J. English

” I have been coming to Dr. Christensen for about 3 months. He put me on a treatment plan and the results are amazing. I haven’t had a migraine and my normal headaches have definitely decreased in pain and frequency” — J. Kimberlin

“I was having pain in the mid-back to where I could not work. I could not sleep without taking a lot of pain pills. After 2 or 3 visits, I was feeling better. And after completing the schedule, the pain is gone. My only regret is that I didn’t come in sooner” — R. Tisdale

“Before coming to Dr. Christensen, I had on and off low back pain that prevented me from doing everyday things. Throughout visiting Dr. Christensen and now being finished with treatment, I feel relief from the pain and I don’t think about my back being an everyday obstacle” — C. Mayfield